Fiona Robinson, Tangled Drifts, Debussy, 2016, graphite, charcoal and mixed media on paper, 38 x 58 cm


Camden Image Gallery

174 Royal College Street

London NW1 0SP

1–16 September 2016, open daily 11am–6pm

Drinks reception 1 and 15 September 6–8pm

The Drawing Works is delighted to announce its first exhibition, presenting all nine artists currently featured on the site.

Some of the artists are young or emerging, still building an identity and profile; others, though not widely known, have been active for many years and have already established a significant and distinctive body of work. Artists such as Giulia Ricci or Duncan Bullen explore systems-based approaches, based on the repetition of a key element such as a dot or triangle. Most, however, employ a more diverse vocabulary – parallel lines, swirls, smudges, ripples, splashes, rectangles and squares – but one that remains restricted and often rigorous in application.

The method of production may be precise and iterative but these works are also strongly subjective in construction and meaning, referring variously to narrative and memory (Simon Woolham), the experience and effect of light (Julia Hutton, Steven Maybury), landscape and the natural and manmade environments (Jon Bird, Tooney Phillips, Nigel BIrd), materiality (Steven Maybury, Nigel BIrd), and music and rhythm (Fiona Robinson, Duncan Bullen). The drawings in this exhibition are also united, for the most part, by an absence of colour, reflecting the artists’ desire to communicate through an exclusively graphic language rather than more decorative means.

All works are for sale – prices from £500 to £3500. A selection of limited-edition prints will also be available at £200–500.